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:iconheidi:Heidi 677 5,600
Mafia!Romano X Reader ~ The Love Boat Ch.5 PREVIEW
Roses (Spain) → ? (?)
_____ felt her conciousness coming back to her and smiled. Without opening her eyes she streched her arm to touch Lovino only to find that the space next to her was empty. She sat up and looked around the room for him.
Sure enough, he was there, sitting back in a chair with his feet on the desk and had a small notepad on his lap, seemingly doodling. “Buongiorno, bella!” he smiled. “Did you sleep well?”
“Yes” she nodded, beaming, and just watched him for a while, curious. Was Lovino sketching?
She wrapped the white sheet around her body, got up and hobbled towards him, the edges of the covers sweeping the floor.
Lovino saw that and made a mental note to change his top sheet. “I've already seen you, you know” he said without raising his eyes from his work. “So, why are you hiding?”
“Why are you dressed?” she asked back.
“It's different” he shrugged.
She was behind h
:iconredstringtied:RedStringTied 10 0
(SpainxReaderxRomano) Unexpected Beginnings
You watch as Antonio and Lovino pick tomatoes together in their garden. Lovi is clearly blushing from something that Toni said to him and you can hear a few choice curse words coming from the Italian. You smile at the way the two act around each other, considering them a perfect couple. However, they aren't actually a romantic couple, though they act like one. You hear Toni's laughter drift over to you and you smile. You knew that you had to find a way to make them realize their feelings for the other person. It goes quiet and you look around confused. While you were lost in your thoughts, they had managed to sneak away. You were about to get up and leave, when suddenly –
“Chica! What are you doing here?” You hear from behind you, causing you to jump startled. You turn around and you see Toni smiling at you, Lovi behind him holding the basket of tomatoes with his arms crossed over his chest. You blush a little, embarrassed at being caught by them.
“Hey, Toni, Lo
:iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 32 10
Spanish Waiter by Amphany Spanish Waiter :iconamphany:Amphany 121 18 Fem Roma Watching you by graceuchiha Fem Roma Watching you :icongraceuchiha:graceuchiha 22 7
Queen of Spanish Seas - ReaderxPirate!Spain - P1
The world seemed to fall back into focus with gentle slapping motions as you felt your eyes slowly ease open and your mouth utter a groan at the realization that you were, indeed, alive. As focus began to slip in the familiar blue of the sky shone above and the wailing of seagulls that drifted on the air eased your heart. With a soft sigh you almost felt reassured to have simply been knocked unconscious, surely that would teach you for being cocky on the boat deck? But when the gentle slapping continued a few more times, you blinked to look at the thick flowing burgundy colored jacket of an unfamiliar figure. At first you hoped it was just another member of the crew that had been sent by your godfather to rescue you, but the curious bright blue and gold bird with a massive beak sitting on his shoulder made you wince.
You'd heard about such birds before... parrots the sailors called them and they were commonly traded about the Americas as pets. None of your sailors
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 43 7
(COMMISSION) Spaniard by SmartasticalArt (COMMISSION) Spaniard :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 56 11 Weird Is The New Sexy by jessi201 Weird Is The New Sexy :iconjessi201:jessi201 28 3 Japan Shows His Dark Side by jessi201 Japan Shows His Dark Side :iconjessi201:jessi201 78 23
Mature content
The Netherlands x Reader - Across the Street [FIN] :iconhel-iron:Hel-Iron 111 28
Mafia!Romano X Reader ~ The Love Boat Ch.3
Malaga (Spain) → Ibiza (Spain)
As was planned from the previous day, the four friends all met on the main deck and headed towards the closest restaurant of the ship to get breakfast. As was rather a tradition already, they split in two, Francis and Alfred leading the way and _____ and Lovino following.
“You look gorgeous as ever!” Lovino told her and winked.
_____ smiled and kissed him, snaking her arms around his neck. The kiss was long and slow, and sealed that what had happened yesterday was not an accident.
When they broke apart, _____ was glad to see that neither the American nor the Frenchman had noticed something.
The four friends sat at a table close to a window to overlook the sea and soon, a waitress came to take their order. As she left, she revealed a person sitting alone at a table diagonally to them. _____ wasn't surprised to see the Japanese man from the day before: She thought that the reason he had felt familiar was because he was a passenger o
:iconredstringtied:RedStringTied 23 5
Movies, Cuddles And Kisses (Romano X Reader)
Translations In The One-Shot:
*Fratello - Brother
*Che Cosa? - What?
*Grazie - Thank You
*Bella - Beautiful Girl
*Ciao - Hello
*Ti Amo - I Love You
*Mi Amore - My Love

"Hello-Oh wait, I mean. Ciao, I'm here, guys!!"
It's a beautiful day and you are standing in front of the house of the two Italian brothers because Romano invited you on a movie marathon with him and his brother.
It's been a while since you've visited them and it made you happy when they gave you a call yesterday and you couldn't help but jump around the house. You became friends with the Italian brothers for a long time and the one that is close to you was Romano. He may be a bit stubborn or a bit whiny like his younger brother at times but to you he is nice friend to hang out with because there's one time he took you to the southern part of Italy for tour and the way he speak to you was soothing and really gently, not to mention he was smiling at you throughout the whole tour. 
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 109 11
S. Italy x Reader
The morning was gloomy, like every other morning was. The birds chirping, the wind, the sound of the leaves, it was all so annoying. Lovino pulled a pillow over his head and turned to lay on his stomach hoping that the sound would stop and he would be able to sleep blissfully once more.  The minutes passed as he lay there, with his eyes closed, but wide awake. He grumbled to himself and sat up straight on his bed, reaching for his phone next to him.
12:44 PM.
"Shit...again. I could've sworn it was 10." he grumbled to himself, having slept in again. Usually his brother would wake him up...where was Feli? Oh. Feliciano was on a school international trip. Lovino wanted to go, too, but Grandpa Rome only paid for Feli to go, not him. This was typical behaviour from his grandfather, but he still felt neglected after all of these years. With his cell phone in hand, Lovino went to make himself some toast for breakfast. He pulled out the bread from the fridge and stuck it into the toaster.
:iconelan-ml:Elan-ML 17 3
2p!Italy x Insane!Reader: Na, Na, Na
2p!Italy x Insane!Reader: Na, Na, Na
Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs,
I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got,
Take the cash and I'll keep it.
Eight legs to the wall,
Hit the gas, kill them all,
And we crawl, and we crawl, and we crawl.
You be my detonator!
You were in a back-alley. Luciano Vargas had scheduled a meeting with you, to buy drugs from you. You weren't sure how you even had the drugs to begin with.
He finally arrived, late, "I don't need it."
"We had a deal, Vargas."
"Fine, I'll sell what you got."
"We had a deal. And a promise."
"Take the cash and I'll keep it." Now you were confused.
"Okay?" You looked around before pulling the drugs out of your purse.
He took them and gave you the money. Then four cops started coming toward you. Luciano didn't seem at all concerned. He let them come close enough to identify him. When they did, they tried to run.
"Run and I'll kill you." He was suddenly holding sharpened butter knives.
:iconcichantea:CIChantea 26 32
(Req.)NetherlandsXReader~Itsy Bitsy Underclothes~
((// (12/20/13) DA's bein a butt so I'll just put this here???? wow um everything just kind of deleted????? idr who this is for so eh
Anyway, I wrote this and credit to the person who made this image
Sourcing really isn't that hard you guys//))
"Oh God, oh jeez, oh no. . ." You were pacing back and forth in the park, your face flushed with embarrassment. The park had kids playing either oversized bubbles, women chattering away about their problems, adolescents romancing it up behind a tree, in the end, no one would notice anyone as worried as you. And why should they? You were just a young woman with normal _______ eyes and ______ hair.
But holy shit! The park was not the place to freak out!
Your heart was beating erratically, and your palms were sweaty. All that could run through your mind was that you were stalling, and Neddy was waiting for you at the apartment you both shared. But you didn't want to see him!
:iconmoniposa:Moniposa 296 52
Mature content
El Jefe {Drug Lord Spain x Reader} :iconcantapermeaddio:CantaPerMeAddio 41 22



Tagged by :iconask-real-life-romano:

1.Potato or tomato?
Both because they taste great.

2.Would you wanna take me on a date?~

I would love too~

3.Pizza or Spagetti?

Both as long as they include tomatoes~

4.t-ti amo?....

Ti amo anch'io

5.So we're sitting eating dinner by a pizzaria what are you doing/ going to do?

I am eating a large piece of pizza and I was going to share with you.

6.Wanna go on vacation to which country?

I would love to got to Rome or Spain.

7.Color of the doitsu's in the sky?


8.Sun or moon?

The sun because it reminds me of your face.

9.Write me a fucking poem?

Tomatoes are red as are your cheeks
whenever I pull your curl or kiss those chubby cheeks.
I love you just as much as you love your pizza.
I think you're cute, I hope you think I am too.

10.Buono Pomodoro?

Si, good tomato.
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